A dishwasher is composed of two parts which are responsible for its functioning. In some washers the pump and the motor are connected to one another wherein the whole Arrangement is to be replaced if any of it is damaged. Units with a separate motor are prone to leakage from the main tub-to-motor gasket. If the leakage continues for long, the motor bearings will rust and the motor must be changed out. Also there’s another type wherein the pump and the motor are separately connected.
Because the dishwasher is connected to both the plumbing system and the electrical system, you must consider both systems when working on this applxiance.


Before doing any work on the dishwasher, make sure the unit is unplugged or the power to the unit is turned off, and remove the fuse or trip the circuit breaker that controls the circuit at the main entrance panel or at a separate panel. Shut off the water supply to the dishwasher at the shutoff in the basement or crawl space under the kitchen. In order to get a professional help for your dishwasher problems, call WOODLAND APPLIANCES REPAIR.

Generally the problems with dishwasher involve

Major problems generally involve leakage, shortage of water into the dishwasher. defective thermostat, noisy appliance etc.


Leakage is mainly caused by worn out gasket, faulty tub to motor gasket, debris in spray arm or when the arm is split or worn out. Call (571) 535-4484. Woodland appliance repair immediately n fix all your leakage problems in no time!


Worn drain impeller on models without a drain solenoid, Defective drain solenoid, clogged drain line, usually at the disposal inlet connection
(if dishwasher connects there) are the major causes of a pump-out problem. But the solution to these problems is just a call away. Call us at (571) 535-4484 n we will help u deal with all your problems!


A dishwasher can sometimes develop dirty filters, or interior rust. It may so happen that, these issues can cause the dishes to smell and discolor. And sometimes also develop bacteria on your utensils and dishes which could spread, and possibly cause danger to yourself and your family. Do not neglect such problems as it may cause greater ones. Call woodland appliance repair at (571) 535-4484 n get rid of such problems.


Many other problems occur with your dishwasher which involve major repairs. As for your glassware, when it comes out of the washer and is cloudy, the water softener is to be blamed.It can ruin your utensils n damage them. When your dishwasher does not work quietly, producing sounds, it is in a serious need of repair. Call woodland appliance repair at (571) 535-4484 n we will fix your problems in no time.

SAVE yourself money and frustration in the long run, and get longest life possible from your dishwasher.

Dishwasher Repair

Make sure you schedule a regular maintenance check. This will save you from your appliance malfunctioning. Strongly suggesting regular maintenance, our expert technicians are trained to face some of the worst dishwashing repair emergencies. ANY PROBLEMS WITH DISHWASHER, CALL WOODLAND APPLAINCE REPAIR!